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Our Stories

Our community is made up of a variety of members, including our residents, volunteers, and donors... to name a few. 
Here are some of their stories:

Blossoming Roots

Harrison and Ashley came to Community of Hope in 2020 after becoming homeless. Ashley, pregnant with Chloe, and Harrison, having experienced economic hardship related to his prior divorce, were heavily impacted and this affected his self employed cleaning business. They needed a place they could afford while rebuilding and getting back on their feet.

After only a year and a half in the Community of Hope Transitional Housing Program, Chloe’s parents were able to move the family into a home they purchased. 


A Tale of Two Families

The Birch Family and the Arp Family have very different stories that led them to homelessness but have both been able to thrive at Community of Hope and share parallel journeys.

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One Step of a Time

 “We never thought we would be a position to where we would be able to breathe and be able to put some money aside for an emergency fund.  Community of Hope gave us a second chance to keep our family together and to put a smile on our faces.  It is so nice to see our kids smile and to be able to send them to their rooms.”

-  Mrs. Johnson

Hope Housing

Read one families story of the struggles to be housed in Brevard County and how they found better housing than a shed

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Thought the Hope Housing Services Program  with  HUD's Path of Hope, we were able to assist in procuring funding for move in costs, as well as the beginning utilities and some of the basic furnishings that Sarah and her children would need to start their lives. Finally, Sarah and her family had found their way home- she was able to keep her promise, with some help from the community.

"When we were living in a hotel, we didn't think anyone cared, that anyone would help.  Then Community of Hope helped us."
- Father of two

Many think of homelessness as solely a consequence of choice: something that they can protect themselves from by making the “right” decisions about work, spending, and lifestyle. It’s easier to think of it in those terms because the reality of homelessness is much more complex and difficult than that. People can do all the “right” things, be “good” people, and still have tragedy strike without warning. That’s much harder to grapple with, as many true things in life are. However, when a community is strong, it is prepared to help everyone in their time of need. It shelters and works to protect its most vulnerable members regardless of the circumstances that brought them there. And from the ashes of hopelessness can grow the most beautiful futures- something we see time and time again in the families we work with. This is the story of one such family.


A Home for Christmas

Shortly before Thanksgiving, Raven, a hard-working mother of two little ones, Destiny age 5 and Kye 10 months, found herself in the middle of a divorce, had just lost her mother, her one true best friend, and no way to pay the rent.  She was forced to leave the apartment she had been in for over a year and a half to move all of her belongings into a small storage shed and to live out of her car with her two young children. 

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Living Wholeheartedly

Tiffanie's Story

Tiffanie has been through some very tough times in the past struggling with substance abuse and related issues.  Over the past few years she has overcome those demons and has become a very loving and dedicated mother to Jayden (10 years old) and Noah (2 years old).  However, there were still a couple of things missing.

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Partners in Hope

Tim and Tracee's Story

Tim, Tracee,and their four children applied to Community of Hope in March of 2017 because the rental in which they were residing was being sold. The owner of the house gave them very little time to find a place.  Although they were waiting to break ground and build their Habitat for Humanity home, once their rental was no longer an option, they had no other place to live...

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A True Community Effort

Kevin and Yakita's Story

Kevin and Yakita’s family, including their three children, came to Community of Hope through the Family Promise program. All three students are very involved with school programs, have very positive attitudes, and are eager to participate in CAMP HOPE. Housing instability, however, is an issues that their family has been battling for several years- making it difficult for everyone to feel secure and safe...