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A Tale of Two Families


The Birch Family and the Arp Family have very different stories that led them to homelessness but have both been able to thrive at Community of Hope and share parallel journeys. 

Michael and Nadine Birch came to Community of Hope first in 2015 with their 4-year-old, Jeremy. They started in one of our transitional units, a small two bedroom unit in a quiet neighborhood by the river.  They were able to work hard, improve their income and become more stable.  However, after two years in transitional housing they were still not able to afford market-based rental rates; they moved into one of our permanent affordable houses in a nice community in North Melbourne.  They continued to improve their financial situation and even added a new member to the family.  This month they completed their journey with us when they purchased a home and said goodbye to the house that had become a home.

In 2019, Brittany Arp and her daughter Kailey were sheltered at Genesis House, in an amazing program for single women in college.  Unfortunately, their husband and father, Jared, could not live with them due to gender requirements of the shelter; instead he was couch surfing.  Genesis House referred the family to our transitional program where they came to live TOGETHER in a “small two-bedroom unit in a quiet neighborhood by the river.”  This month, as they were approaching the end of their transitional program, with Brittany still in school, they were given the opportunity to move into a “permanent affordable house in a nice community in North Melbourne.” 

The Arps and the Birch’s do not know each other but they share memories of a two houses that became HOMES on their individual journey from homelessness to family stability.  They also share a big place in our heart.  Hopefully, Jared, Brittany, and Kailey will be able to purchase a home of their own in a couple of years and the house that meant so much to both families will go on to provide stability for another family  working hard to change their story.  Community of Hope is blessed to be able to be part of their path, one family at a time.