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We offer two primary (Transitional Housing and Permantent Supportive Housing) and two specialized (Safe Overnight Stay and Reunification) housing assistance programs that are based on the family's needs and designed to allow families to remain together, become self-reliant and achieve housing stability. 

Hope Housing Services

Hope Housing Services allows Community of Hope to provide funding to move families into rental housing and provide the support needed for them to stay there.  Funding for the initial expenditure comes from generous giving from the community and donors.  Grants reimburse only what is spent to get the family into housing.  In Brevard it can cost over $3000 just to move into an apartment.  Many working families can't do that alone. 

Community of Hope is seeking to raise a fund to allow us to help more families in Brevard.  If you are interested in giving please mark Hope Housing on your gift HERE.



Housing Program

Transitional housing units are available for up to two years. These units are available to working families with (minor) children who meet the criteria for entry and demonstrate a likelihood of success if given low cost housing and supportive services.


Supportive Housing

Community of Hope has several individual family homes, and multifamily housing options open to low income families.  These homes are designated as permanent supportive housing, meaning they are intended to provide support for low income families for whom typical rental rates in the area are overly burdensome.  

S.O.S. (Safe Overnight Stay) SHELTER  

Community of Hope offers a very short-term shelter program called S.O.S. (Safe Overnight Stay). 

It is for families who are unexpectedly or suddenly experiencing homelessness, particularly for the first time. 

There are two location for this program, one in South Brevard and one in North Brevard.

In order to access our S.O.S. program, a family must call and be referred by 2-1-1.

Reunification Program

Through a partnership with Brevard Family Partnership, Community of Hope works with case management professionals to provide housing for parents for whom it is the only thing left for parents to secure before being reunited with their children who are in the care of others by court order.

In order to access our Reunification Program, the family must go through their case manager at Brevard Family Partnership and meet the base qualifications for housing.

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