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The Paulucci Family Educational Program

The Paulucci Family Work Program is providing Community of Hope (COH)  clients an opportunity to use their skills to support the COH program while enhancing revenue for their families.  The grant funds allow us to pay COH clients, as independent contractors,  to help perform various agency operational tasks such as moving furniture from storage to housing units, cleaning units, power washing, maintaining the storage areas, etc).

The Paulucci Family Educational Program gives families an opportunity to increase their  life skills in a classroom setting.  Starting thissummer, COH will offer courses in areas of budgeting, housing unit common maintenance, parenting, etc).  Each family will receive an incentive payment from the Paulucci Family grant for successfully completing the course.

Community of Hope is proud to team with the Paulucci Family Foundation.  These win-win programs are helping our families successfully navigate the path out of homelessness while providing COH with more personnel to meet ever-increasing program demands.

The Paulucci Family Foundation provided COH a very generous $15,000 grant.  With the funds, COH is starting two new programs to better serve our clients. and our nonprofit.