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One Step at a Time

“We never thought we would be a position to where we would be able to breathe and be able to put some money aside for an emergency fund.  Community of Hope gave us a second chance to keep our family together and to put a smile on our faces.  It is so nice to see our kids smile and to be able to send them to their rooms. 

– Mrs. Johnson

It’s not the big things that make a home. In fact, it’s not even the things themselves at all. Many of the families we work with have less than nothing but still find things to reach toward and be grateful for. They realize that while everyone needs a roof over their head, a home is about each other not a building.  One such family were the Johnsons.

Mr. Johnson lost his job as a result of the business closing, and soon after the family of four was evicted. Moving into their car with their two children, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson worked odd jobs, filed for unemployment assistance, and saved where they could. After about a month, they were able to scrape together enough to afford a hotel. For the first time in weeks they had hot showers and a small kitchen space where they could cook meals together.

The hotel was wonderful, working with the Johnsons to adjust their weekly rates for when they came up short. They knew that the Johnsons were working as hard as they could, but once COVID took hold full-time positions were few and far between. Despite their efforts, it was becoming more and more difficult to afford housing and homelessness was looking like more and more of a possibility. The Johnson family reached out to a local pastor, who reached out to Community of Hope.

Timing is always a factor in getting families into housing, and in this case there were not any Safe Overnight Stay units available so our team worked with the hotel to make sure that the Johnson family had someplace stable to live for the time being. The next goal was steady employment income. Within days of working with our case management team Mr. Johnson found full-time employment. The kids were able to get back to school providing routine, education, and two meals a day. With the children at school during the day, we were able to focus on Mrs. Johnson’s situation. The family’s priorities were long term stability and making sure that the kids were affected as little as possible. Mrs. Johnson, with some help, was also able to find full time employment that would work around the kid’s schedules. The family was provided some funding through our Path of HOPE program that allowed them to secure a house in which to continue building their home.