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Irma Aftermath

Now that the tides of Hurricane Irma are fading away, and the following year's storm Michael has past we are still working on Hope Village. As we are in the repair phase of recovery, we are finding that we have been, by and large, very fortunate...

We were able to get an SBA loan for repairs. It took almost a year to get the roofs replaced. Today we are doing some hurricane hardening and replacing windows and doors since some were damaged.  We hope to be better prepared this hurricane season.

Community of Hope truly is about community- both in good times and when it's hard.  It was wonderful to see how everyone pitched in during the storm prep and clean up.

We are still assessing damage.   So far...

  • There is a major tree across the drive (missed the house and car) at one of the NSP houses.
  • We lost shingles off some of Hope Village.
  • Hoag did not flood and the driveway at Roosevelt had just a little water.
  • Many of our folks are without power still.
  • We had to evacuate 2 families to a hotel because the septic system does not work without power.
  • Many roads are still flooded as of 3 PM Monday Sept 11. Be careful and don't travel unless you must.