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Summer Energy Savings

How much do I save?

People always say how you can save money by keeping the AC higher in the summer. But how much is that really? Let’s say the average temperature during the day is 90 degrees and it costs $150 to cool to 72 degrees. Keeping your thermostat at...
  • 74 degrees costs $133 and you save $17
  • 76 degrees costs $117 and you save $33
  • 78 degrees costs $100 and you save $50
  • 80 degrees costs $83 and you save $67
That can add up to a lot of money. Even if you just set the thermostat up to 80 when you leave, you’ll save a lot.  Believe me: 80 feels cool when you come in from the hot. Then, you can set it to where you are comfortable. Do you want to make 78 feel like 68? You can by just turning on a fan.  The felt temperature with a fan is 10 degrees cooler.