Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma

Afternoon -Sept 11, 2017

Most of our residents are still without power.  We are still assessing damage.

Residents who need to report damage or  problems, please text or call our emergency number at 321-795-9440

Known problems

  • Hope Village lost several shingles, but is not leaking
  • The duplex did not flood or have major limbs fall
  • The quadplex lost screen on the porch but the driveway drained well
  • One NSP home had a major tree fall, but miss the house and car
  • One NSP house has a leaking roof
  • We had to put the two families with a septic tank in a hotel until power can be restored because the septic system need electricity to run

Sept 11, 2017

In Brevard over 307,000 people are without power. COH residents need to report any outages they are experiencing.  Please go to enter phone 321-474-0966 and your zip code. Pick your address from the list.

Residents are urged to remain safely sheltered. Police have asked people to stay off the roadways until after 12 noon today. Heavy winds and rains are still likely this morning. Be advised to avoid travel and remain safely indoors during these potentially hazardous conditions.

If residents need to report damage or  problems, please text or call our emergency number at 321-795-9440

Sept. 10, 2017 update

Community of Hope is still under an official emergency alert.  Due to the current predicted path of Hurricane Irma, COH offices will be closed until Wednesday, Sept. 13.  Local weather conditions continue to deteriorate as Hurricane Irma impact the state.  Residents are urged to remain safely sheltered. Heavy winds and rains will continue moving through the area today and early Monday.  Be advised to avoid travel and remain safely indoors during these potentially hazardous conditions.

If residents experience problems during the storm, please text or call our emergency number at 321-795-9440

The next update will be no later than Monday morning.

Sept 9, 2017 Update

Community of Hope has completed all storm preparations.  The storm track has shifted, so we are not going to shutter any resident that has not already been shuttered.  There is only a 10% chance we will experience hurricane force winds. Tropical storm winds are expected to start between Sunday 2 am and 8 am.

The office will be closed on Monday of next week.  The Board meeting scheduled for Tuesday night has been canceled.

If residents experience problems during the storm, please call our emergency number at 321-795-9440

Sept.6, 2017 update

Community of Hope has been watching Hurricane Irma’s current track to make sure we have a plan of action.  It will have it directly affecting Brevard County on Monday or Tuesday of next week.  Irma is a serious threat to the Keys and Lake Okeechobee area.

There are 3 things you need to do now.

  1. Pick up toys and debris around your house
  2. Make sure trash goes out for the schedules pick up on Thursday/Friday day
  3. Make a plan for your family’s needs as to riding out the storm or evacuating. Go to for information on having a plan. Or

Stay informed. is the official storm information site.  Click here has an easy to read site on Hurricane preparedness and links to Brevard County information.

Every resident should have a plan of action for their household. Each family has unique needs.  If you are planning to evacuate, please let the office know.  It is important that you clean up anything that can be a flying debris hazard or that can wash away, like a basketball and clog a storm drain and flood the neighborhood.  You should leave Sunday to avoid being stuck in traffic. We will make the decision on Saturday if we are going to board up on Sunday.

Now is a good time to start preparing for the storm.  It is important that you clean up outside. Do not throw out household items, like used furniture before the storm. It will not be picked up and can cause major problems. Trash cans need to be put out for pickup on the scheduled Thursday/Friday day.  Trash cans need to be put beside the house where they should not blow away.

A good link for supplies is here

A good link for Shelter information is here

Run With Hope 5K

Run With Hope 5K

We cordially invite you to participate in Community of Hope’s Inaugural Run With Hope 5k Run/Walk on September 23. This event will raise money for Community of Hope, a local non-profit agency.
Community of Hope provides structured housing to families with children. Families remain together
in a safe and decent living environment so they may grow strong, become self-reliant, transform their lives and crush the cycle of homelessness.


REGISTRATION: 6:30am | 5K START: 7:30am | KIDS RACE: after 5k Awards Ceremony immediately following the race. This event is a 5k run/walk. Participants may choose to run or walk. Families and strollers are welcomed.

LOCATION: Church at Viera – 9005 N. Wickham Rd. Viera, FL 32940

COST: $20 – Kids 12 and under
$25 – Early Registration until 9/22
**Race T-Shirt guaranteed if registered before 9/11
$30 – Race Day

SPONSORSHIP: Click here to become a sponsor

Interested in having a booth? Click here to become a vendor

•Food Trucks
•Bounce Houses
•Face Painting


Executive Director Announcement

Executive Director Announcement

Community of Hope is excited to announce Mr. Drew Warren as our new Executive Director beginning May 1st. For more than a decade Community of Hope has served homeless families in Brevard County by providing housing and much needed support. Community of Hope has long term plans for growth to meet the expanding needs of homeless families with children in our area.

“We are grateful that Community of Hope’s new Executive Director has a vision for growth and service,” said Stephanie Hopper, president of the Board of Trustees. “We know he will be a great addition to our team.” The Board of Trustees is confident that our new Executive Director will strengthen our team as he brings together board members, staff and volunteers, leading us in the mission of Community of Hope to provide housing and hope to families.

Community of Hope is a faith-based 501c3 non-profit with a vision for transforming lives with hope and dignity.


Our Mission

Our Mission

Build hope and healthy families through a helping hand program of structured housing. Allow families with children to remain together in a safe and decent living environment so that they may grow strong, become self-reliant, transform their lives, and crush the cycle of homelessness and poverty.

Vision Statement: Transforming lives with hope and dignity


Fall Gala – Enchanted Garden

Fall Gala – Enchanted Garden

The Fall Gala, Enchanted Garden was a great success.  The food was wonderful, the venue was beautiful.  Fairies were every where.  Events like a major fundraiser like this are crucial to mission success.  As a non profit, we depend on public funds to keep our mission going.  “Hope with Dignity” is not possible without the generosity of the community.  Our thanks goes out to all who helped organize the event, sponsor it, and attend it.  Can’t wait till this coming fall to have our next fun event.

Volunteers – You make us possible

Volunteers – You make us possible

Enough thanks can not be given to the many volunteers and uncountable hours that they have worked.  From fixing a broken appliance to trimming the hedge, volunteers are a life line for Community of Hope.  We depend on them to be able to respond to many of the needs of our families.  Thanks and thanks again.



A home is more than a house.  It is a place for children to be safe and play.  Getting outside and getting exercise is essential to a child’s growth and well being.  We are thankful to all the volunteers who have helped Community of Hope provide and maintain playgrounds.  You have blessed our children.

Breakfast with Santa

Breakfast with Santa

Christmas is a special time.  As part of our outreach we provide more than just gifts for Christmas.  We provide a sense of community and relationship.  Our families we able to go to Breakfast with Santa at the Avenues in Viera as part of their holiday celebrations.  It was great to see the families share the blessings of Christmas together.   Thanks to Mike and Becky at 4 C’s Nursery for making this event possible.

Never too young to learn…

Never too young to learn…

Community of Hope held a special luncheon event for our families.  It was focused on a book fair for the children in all our programs.  Reading is a key to academic success and the more you read the better you are at it.  In addition to getting books, the children got a lesson in financial planning.  Yes – financial planning.  It centered on a book about a child saving up to buy a soccer ball. Each child got a piggy bank with a section for saving, spending and giving.  Thanks to Thrivent Financial for their kind support.