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S.O.S. (Safe Overnight Stay) Shelter

Our S.O.S. program is a partnership with the Brevard Homeless Coalition Inc. (more info here) that started as a pilot program in 2017 has now grown to include two locations. It's designed to reduce the family trauma caused by sudden homelessness by providing a stable place to regroup and move forward.

These apartments are meant for a short, intensive stay during which the family will work very closely with our case manager, develop both short and long term goals to address issues that have lead to the homelessness, and assess what personal and community resources they have available. At the end of their stay, we hope that they will be in the position to regain housing or will have establish a plan to do so as soon as possible.

There are two locations for this program: one in Melbourne and one in Titusville.

In order to access our S.O.S. program, a family must call and be referred by 2-1-1.

Who does this program best assist?

The SOS program is best suited for families who are experiencing homelessness for the first time, or who are unexpectedly homeless due to unforeseen circumstances.

This program is meant to be a solution for families that are likely to be able to be rehoused within two weeks given the opportunity for safe shelter and a guide through the assistance process.

Families that will need longer term support or have multiple challenges that they are facing would most likely be better served through our Transitional or Permanent Supportive Housing programs.

Why is it needed ?

When families who become suddenly homeless have a good place to stay and support like case management the episode of homelessness can be shortened.  More importantly, the children can stay in school and be shielded from some of the trauma of being homeless.

Our families did not plan on being homeless and they need support to prevent homelessness from becoming a cycle.

Some of Our Families

  •  Family 1 – This was a different kind of family unit which made them inelligible to be helped at any other shelter program in the area.  They were sisters with four children between them. They wanted to reside as a family so that they could help each other with housing expenses and daycare. While they were at SOS they worked with case management and got funding assistance with Eckerd Kids.  They successfully moved from the SOS into their own apartment.
  • Family 2 – This family faced a lot of challenges. They were homeless for several years. The family unit consisted of a single mom with two teenage boys which made housing in a shelter very difficult.  The family came to us from a hotel and had nothing.  The mother was able to secure employment and was able to move into a trailer.
  • Family 3 – As parents with 2 small children, the mother had a full-time job but the father was on workers compensation. While staying at SOS the father was able to return to work on light duty and they were able to secure a house for their family with Eckerd providing assistance for their initial move in costs.
  • Family 4 -This single mom with 2 children has custody of her son but was fighting a divorce decree for her daughter. She was able to go through the COH housing application and was accepted for an apartment at Hope Village.

How is it funded?

Community Grants and Donations

Boeing: Space Coast Employee Fund Donation (2017)

Hope for North Brevard: 40 Days of Generosity Drive Donation (2018)

Service Donations

Case management support is provided by the Brevard Homeless Coalition

Item Donations

The property is provided by Community of Hope

Furnishings and bedding were provided by gifts from the community

Thank you for your generosity!

If you or your organization would like to contribute to this or any of our other programs, click here for more information!